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Are you on search of  wholesale Grade 'A' Brazilian best frozen chicken middle joint wings (MJW), 3 joint chicken wings, chicken wing tips and wing stick (drumette) other chicken wings cuts? You are at the right wholesale frozen chicken wings supplier.

We supply premium quality best brand Brazil-USA frozen chicken wings halal and non halal at the lowest bulk buy frozen chicken prices with a 20% discount available.

Supply capacity : 50 x 40ft  Container per month

Grade : Grade A. 100%  freshly frozen chicken wings

Country of Origin: Brazil / USA

Certification : HALAL, HACCP, ISO, etc

Loading :  Total 27 MT of chicken wing  using 40’ high-Q container stored at -18o C 

Packaging : Tailored to suit client needs, whether importers, Retail, supermarket, Hotel or food manufacturing industries and distributors.

Suitable packaging20 x 500g, 6 x 2,5kg bags, 4 x 2,5 kg bag, 12 x 900  Trays L/P 10 Kg and/Or 15 kg carton


NB: We offer free custom labeling for orders above 100 MT. Custom label designs are also done free of charge.

 Brazilian frozen chicken wings suppliers - Bulk Halal chicken wings supplier

Primeirochicken is your one stop Brazilian wholesale halal frozen chicken wings suppliers and exporters,  offering a large variety of halal frozen chicken wings cuts, offal, processed poultry and other chicken cuts , We sources  from reputable Brazilian frozen chicken manufacturers. Our halal frozen frozen wings and halal frozen beef cuts are Halal approved available with strict controlled halal certification.


As a credible global  halal frozen chicken wings supplier,  we supply and the export to the  Middle East, China, Mongolia, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines , Middle East , Africa and major exporter markets around the globe


Our wholesale frozen chicken wings meet the highest quality standards for  industry, wholesale suppliers, food service distributors and  as well as retail.  Halal bulk chicken wings are one of our most popular frozen chicken products and best selling wholesale chicken parts brands.


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