Primeirochicken  tremendous commitment to quality has made us maintain clients and gain the trust of new clients. Quality is a commitment taken extremely seriously both inside and outside the company. The culture of quality is a business model which we source premium quality products from manufacturers that produce goods with the consumer mindset, meaning that their task is to provide the best product to the consumer’s table.

Our best frozen chicken brand products are produced in Brazil, the largest exporter of chicken in the world. Brazil offers ideal agricultural conditions, with small family properties located near the plants, as well as integrated systems that guarantee the total trace-ability, from the field to the fork. We also trade in frozen chicken brands from US and Europe.


Our frozen beef brands products are produced in Australia, USA, Brazil and Europe, same for our Pork meat which we source from best pork meat manufacturers in Brazil, USA and Europe

Excellence in Production

Primeirochicken focuses on delivering quality products due to our excellence in sourcing and production, high level of animal welfare and sustainability practices. We have rigorous processes throughout our production chain to ensure the quality, health, safety and sustainability of all products. The quality of Primeirochicken products is constantly audited by governments of different countries, clients and certification companies, who visit the company’s plants to follow all the steps of the processes that guarantee the quality and health of the meat marketed by the company.





Our producers create a stress-free environment through well crafted and established, sustainable farming practices. We supply products from establishments that strictly follow the guidelines of  a worldwide recognized certification program used to demonstrate one of the world’s highest levels of compliance with animal welfare practices and standards. We place high importance on animal welfare – from the arrival of livestock at the establishments, processing and throughout the entire supply chain.




Primeirochicken  is proud to offer customers the finest brands that provide consistent quality all year round. Our producers are hand-selected for their exceptional products and commitment to the global markets. We supply to retail, hospitality, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, distributors, wholesalers and food manufacturers around the world. Our supply chain provides trace-ability and ensures consistent, premium products from paddock to plate.




We merge exceptional supplier relationships with our end customers creating  sustainable, fruitful long-term business relationships. Primeirochicken  provides a guarantee of supply all year round, which is what our customers require.