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Brazil Whole chicken wholesale supplier - halal chicken shawarma supplier

Brazil whole chicken wholesale suppliers is a reputable Brazilian whole chicken wholesale suppliers , Distributor and exporters, 


Brazil whole chicken shawarma wholesale suppliers offer a comprehensive selection of  grade 'A'  SIF approved Brazilian whole chicken  that are free of growth hormones and steroids.


We strive to provide the best and best prices on Brazilian frozen chicken products that are minimally processed, cage free and raised in a humane manner by allowing them to roam in a stress-free environment.  


Because of cleaner living quarters, a healthier and happier chicken is produced having a better taste.

We pride ourselves as top suppliers, distributors and exporters of the highest quality Brazilian chicken brands that have been humanely handled from SIF approved Brazilian  manufacturers that care about the environment. SIF approved to Export to China, Yemen, Japan, Middle East, Malaysia, Africa and major exporter countries. 


We are proud to represent producers that concentrate, source and age-verified chicken as well as non-hormone treated frozen chicken.

Our Halal whole chicken brands are available with Strict Halal Certification and Hand cut.  

whole chicken wholesale


  1. Worldwide Shipping

  2. Halal Certification

  3. Full Service Partner

  4. Active OVER decades

  5. Reliable Network

Quick Review

Country of Origin: Brazil 

Brand: (Sadia and Perdix)

Certification : HALAL, HACCP, ISO, etc.

Halal Certified Frozen Whole Chicken : Grade A standard
Carton box of 10 kg / 11 Kg / 12 Kg  depending on the grams with 10 Chicken raped individually in Polythene Bags
Range of the chickens:
The QTY are distributed according to the following order and Weights per Box:
600 gr ,700 gr , 800 gr ,900 gr , 1000 gr ,1100 gr ,1200 gr , 1300 gr , 1400 gr , 1500 gr , 1600 gr , 1700 gr , 1800 gr , 1900 gr, 2000 gr.2100 gr, 2200 gr


Frozen temperature :
- Blasted at : -20C
- Storage at : minus 18 degrees Celsius.
- During Transportation : minus 10~15C
- Type of Product chicken : Whole Chicken


Age of chicken: 35 - 45 days minimum at time of slaughter

Shelf Life : 12 , 18,or 24 months from production date


Quality : Our whole frozen chicken are specially hand Slaughtered accordingly to Islamic (HALAL) and international requirements.


Customers preferred label and logo can be printed on vacuum packs and cartons if required .


Processing :

Well Dressed and cleaned , no bruise , No Blood , no bad smell , No feather No Broken bones , Dry , moisture less than 5% , 100% Fresh and Frozen 

If you are looking for an experienced  for SIF approved partner to deliver outstanding quality Brazilian whole frozen chicken brands with unparalleled service CONTACT US to learn more about our offerings on  Brazilian frozen Pork and Beef.

JOINT OUR   2000+ Global CLIENTS  ENJOYING DISCOUNT PRICING  ON GRADE A  HALAL BRAZI CHICKEN BRANDS On Time Delivery Of Orders. Efficient In Logistics With Multiple Courier Options.

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